Utah Composites Laboratory

The University of Utah

ABOUT: The Utah Composites Laboratory (UCL) conducts research in the broad area of experimental and computational mechanics of composite materials and structures. Specific areas of interest include damage resistance and tolerance of composite structures, mechanical property characterization of composite materials, fracture mechanics, micromechanics, and non-destructive characterization of damage and failure.

4/7/16 - Jordan French has been awarded the 2016 NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship to study initiation of damage in biaxially loaded composites at cryogenic temperatures.

12/11/15 - Czabaj, Ritchie (UC Berkeley), Gao and Singhal (GE Global Research), Wilson (GE Aviation), Marshall (Teledyne Scientific), Jefferson and Przybyla (AFRL), and Cox have been awarded an Approved Program status at the Advanced Light Source beamline 8.3.2.

8/12/15 - UCL students Caitlin Arndt and Devin Young complete a 10-week long internship at NASA Langley Research Center.

8/1/15 - UCL welcomes five new graduate students: Devin Young, Caitlin Arndt, Jordan French, Clay Audd, and Peter Creveling.

8/5/15 - Paper by Czabaj and Davidson accepted to JCM.

7/8/15 - Paper by Horner, Czabaj, Davidson, and Ratcliffe accepted to EFM.



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