Utah Composites Laboratory

The University of Utah

Mechanical testing:

- Uniaxial servo-hydraulic load frames with 15, 25, 100, 250, and 736 kN capacity

- Biaxial tension-torsion servo-hydraulic load frame with 100 kN and 1,230 N-m capacity

- Uniaxial electromechanical load frames with 5, 25, 50, 89, and 250 kN capacity

- Uniaxial electrodynamic load frame with 1 kN capacity


Impact testing:

- 0.7-816 J (0.5-602 ft-lbf) capacity Instron Dynatup 8250 HV drop tower

- 1000 J (738 ft-lbf) custom drop tower

- 5 J (3.8 ft-lbf) capacity TMI 43-1 pendulum (Charpy/Izod)

Non-destructive evaluation testing:

X-ray computed tomography

- Varian

- GE

Ultrasonic inspection

- Sonix Ultrasonic Inspection System with a 5 MHz pulse-echo probe (A, B, and C scan)

Acoustic emission

- Acoustic emission sensor systems, with National Instruments 2 MHz data acquisition system

Miscellaneous testing equipment:

- Digital Image Correlation System, Correlated Solutions Inc, Vic-3D Real Time with 10Hz acquisition rate and 10 megapixel cameras

- Moire interferometry

- Laser vibrometer, Polytec

- Shaker table, up to 6 kHz

- Photoelasticity equipment, reflective and transmissive

- High speed camera (up to 16,000 fps)

- 2x 220 kN dynamic load washers

- A wide range of accelerometers with associated signal conditioners

- Composite materials test fixtures

- Strain conditioning and acquisition instrumentation (+20 channels)

Manufacturing equipment:

- LulzBot Taz-4 and Taz-5 3D printers

- X-winder 8ft 4-axis winder

- Autoclave with 24"x14"x14" chamber and temperature range up to 350F

- High Temp Blue-M Furnace, 17"x17"x17" chamber and temperature range up to ~2000 F

- Convection Ovens (24"x24"x20", 30"x30"x30", 5'x4'x4')


Nano-fab facility:

The Nanofab Facility contains state-of-the art surface analysis and micro/nano-scale imaging instruments (e.g. AFM, SEM, dbFIB, optical microscopes, etc), as well as, a suite of nano-fabrication clean rooms.  A complete list of Nanofab equipment can be found here.



2018 Michael Czabaj (m.czabaj@utah.edu)

Department of Mechanical Engineering